IPP Progress Report for the week YYYY.MM.DD - YYYY.MM.DD

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Eugene Magnier

I spent most of the week working on the psphot analysis of very bright stars in stacks. I put together code to model these saturated stars with a simple radial profile, which I can then subtract. This seems to do a much better job than trying to get the PSF model to fit against the very wide wings of these bright stars. The magnitudes calculated from the radial profile model are reasonable for moderately saturated stars, but break down (as expected) for extremely saturated ones (eg, a 3rd magnitude star in a MD field comes in at 7th). With these radial profiles for the bright star model, we reduce or eliminate the clusters of false positives in halos around bright stars. There is a situation in the MD stacks which still causes some problems: if a faint object, which is still above the S/N cut for possible extended models, is close to a very bright star, the model fit can go very badly because it is influenced by the residual pixels of the very bright star. I am investigating options for more intelligent masking of the bright star cores to avoid these issues.

I also started to update the DVO schema to accommodate additions to the PSPS schema.

Serge Chastel

  • Restored replication on ippdb03
  • Upgraded my linux box to new Ubuntu LTS
  • Restored replication on ipp001

Heather Flewelling

  • psps stuff
  • astrocoffee stuff
    • gave talk about intro to ps data
    • multiple liason requests after the talk
    • feedback to conrad about the psi-instaquery-menu
  • jtmd
    • this took most of my week

Mark Huber

  • UK liaison Monday at U.Edinburgh, flight back Tuesday. Writing up notes.
  • Czar Thursday, Friday (typical rate monitoring, keeping system full of LAp jobs, chip fixes, MD diffim checks)
  • MD09 refstack rerun to include the weight image fix since MD09/SAS are primary test fields now. Setup to redo staticsky for full field comparison and verification plots. Setting up when to swap MD10 refstack with replacement that includes fix to weight image.

Bill Sweeney

  • Investigated the strange magnitude offsets observed in the data returned by PSPS for SAS_v8. It turned out to be caused by a problem in DVO where a single detection got inserted into two catalog files. This should not happen and caused ipp to psps to get confused about which data went with each detection. Fixed DVO and I think Heather did some work on PSPS to prevent this happneing in the future
  • Fixed bug in cmf input that caused sky calibration to lose the N_FRAMES value - the number of frames that contributed to the stack pixel at the source's peak
  • Did some analysis of the number of frames that contribute to our stacks. On average the number appears to be 52 % of the number of inputs in our SAS stacks. This seems somewhat low and needs further investigation to determine whether it is reasonable. Contributing features that cut pixels include, overlap of the individual warps with the skycell, masked pixels, stack image rejection, and stack pixel rejection.
  • wrote an tools script to streamline the process of regenerating burntool tables lost for a given raw imfile.
  • spent a few hours playing with my prototype scripts for retrieving smf files for a given exposure through a simple web interface. When finished this will provide a mechanism for distributing" smfs other than permanent strorage on the data store.
  • debugged and fixed an assertion failure in pswarp
  • debugged a couple of failing stacks. Fixed a bug in the stack rejection code.
  • Started working with Conrad on a new user interface to the postage stamp server. Wrote draft of a quite long winded document which has been posted to this wiki [wiki:pstamp_web_interface_features_2012_09

Chris Waters

  • Launched w-band stacks for the ecliptic.
  • Added new LAP queue to cover range from RA 15:00 to 19:00. This overlaps the oversized Kepler region, and will therefore complete faster (as we've already processed some regions).
  • Investigated linear features in stacks, and traced them down as remnant burntool features. No clear path forward on this, as it requires investigating what ppStack is doing, and comparing that to what we think it should be doing. Details available here: http://svn.pan-starrs.ifa.hawaii.edu/trac/ipp/wiki/Stack_Rejection_Discussion
  • Bundled static masks and placed them on the rsync server.
  • Began work on creating warp/stack level background models.