IPP Progress Report for the week YYYY.MM.DD - YYYY.MM.DD

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Eugene Magnier

  • work on the big 3pi dvo database. Searching for brown dwarfs, I discovered a problem with proper motions and some of the coordinates. It turned out that the supercosmos data got messed up during one of the relative astrometry analyses. the claimed position for the supercos points was far from the correct locations. Then, the proper motion analysis used these as real point (with large time offsets) and pushed the mean positions around a lot. I temporarily fixed this by re-calculating mean positions based only on the gpc1 and 2mass data, ignoring the supercos data for now. i will either need to re-ingest supercos (replacing detections as we go -- i have code for this) or reset the coordinates if possible. First, though, I need to understand why the supercos data got messed up so I can avoid repeating this problem. In the process of understanding this problem, and while investigating the proper motion measurements generally, I found an inconsistency in the way chisq values were calculated for the position-only (static solution) vs proper-motion & parallax solutions. I also found some errors with the flagging of objects when calculating the mean magnitudes -- the flags meant to distinguish the different levels of data quality in the mean mags were not correctly set.

Serge Chastel

  • mysql nebulous rsync (to ippc61)
  • ppMops seeing bug fix
  • started writing some kind of ipp-mops software release note to know how (and what) things are provided to mops.

Heather Flewelling

  • czar for one day
    • warps were doing something stupid - sometimes a few hundred skycells per exposure. Discovered this was due to Npolyterm - it is 3 for gpc1 but the program forces it to be 1, so I do the same for the non-mosaics as well (this works).
    • warps finished, havent' had a chance yet to play with them.
    • see blog for more details: http://svn.pan-starrs.ifa.hawaii.edu/trac/ipp/wiki/IspSasProcessing
  • SAS_v9 ipptopsps
    • after all the code changes to psphotstack/dvo, I was finally able to start loading SAS9

Mark Huber

  • one day vacation
  • finished adding ippMonitor simple plots for stack, staticsky, skycal stages (helps in tracking LAP), the added diff, warp
  • stackstack diffim
    • delved into difftool for definewarp/stackstack runs, discussions with Chris and have changed the default behavior of definestackstack to be like definewarpstack to base available runs on input only without template uniqueness to avoid re-queue of diffims when refstacks get changed.
    • also moving to generic label for MD##.refstack to be active one, data_group will retain the date created
  • MD.GR0
    • revised MD09.refstack.20120831 staticsky, skycal, verification and swap prep.
    • updates continue to be added to wiki
    • staticsky, skycal test run on MD09 nightlystack

Bill Sweeney

  • Investigated reports of inconsistencies between the fluxes in the PSPS object and stack detection tables. It turned out to be caused by a bug in relphot.
  • Users have complained that the information in our image headers is not sufficient for external analysis. Reviewed the set of keywords that we add to stack image header files. Came up with a plan to improve the situation.
  • Several users had problems with postage stamp requests getting stuck spent some time debugging this problem. It turned out to be caused by cleanup being turned off on account of ipp037's troubles.
  • Modified proxy server to allow allow to access the data store.
  • Prototyped enhancements to the postage stamp request interface to support lookup by survey and release name.
  • Reviewed psphot changes made since the current tag was cut and wrote up a list of improvements to be seen in SAS_v9
  • lots of wasted time recovering misplaced raw images.
  • lots of time dealing with nfs problems caused by nodes becoming un-responsive.

Chris Waters

  • Launched test diffs for MOPS to confirm that they are happy with what we plan to generate now (warp warp diffs and warp-stack diffs based on the new w-band static sky).
  • Worked on pswarp to attempt to allow the construction of warped background models. Largely complete, with the remaining issue being a shift in the WCS that isn't fully understood.