IPP Progress Report for the week YYYY.MM.DD - YYYY.MM.DD

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Eugene Magnier

  • submitted the photometric ladder paper
  • cleaned up the IPP data distribution web sites (ipp.ifa.hawaii.edu and dvodist.ipp.ifa.hawaii.edu) and modified the back end code to use Markdown (wiki-like mark up language) and a common installation tree.
  • started work on NSF proposals.

Serge Chastel

  • Apparently fixed the offending MySQL statement in difftool that was breaking replication.

Heather Flewelling

  • sick 2 days
  • work on ipptopsps schema change stuff for sa10 - it's at the state where ipptopsps works fine for SAS v9 database, and I've checked in all the changes and handed off the vot files to PSPS, and edited the wiki to reflect the new schema.
  • instructions for bill/gene for next week when I am gone http://svn.pan-starrs.ifa.hawaii.edu/trac/ipp/wiki/ippToPspsSa10Vacation
  • various liason requests
  • various sciency stuffs

Mark Huber

  • czar 2 days plus day of closing some topics looking into while czar
  • vacation 2 days
  • Alan example of errant photometry for source in y-band and resulting diffim

Bill Sweeney

  • modified psphotStack to measure the kronFlux for matched detections (forced photometry). In the process found a bug in the flux measurement that caused the flux to be under estimated in certain situations. Looked into the differences and they are for the most part small.
  • managed update to new production tag.
  • managed SAS_v10 photometry runs.
  • other things no longer remembered... oh yes 2 days as processing czar.

Chris Waters

  • Finished background stacking in ppStack.
  • Tested that ppSkycell correctly bins the stack outputs for everything but the mask file.
  • Worked on understanding ppSub variance issues between WW and WS diffs.
  • Changed how ipp_apply_burntool_single.pl updates the database to prevent a failed connection to the database hanging up processing due to a file left in the wrong data_state.