IPP Progress Report for the week YYYY.MM.DD - YYYY.MM.DD

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Eugene Magnier

  • some further parallax tests : I extracted objects with measured parallaxes (not necessarily significant) for |b| > 10.0, with a minimum number of measurements, time range, and parallax factor range, but with no limit on colors or magnitudes. I then looked at the number of positive and negative parallaxes. For the full sample, I (30M objects), there were roughly equal numbers of positive and negative values, saying the false positive rate was ~100% (n.b.: false positive measurements of parallax -- the objects themselves are very likely real because I required at least 10 measurements). restricting the sample based on the quality of the parallax measurements (chisq values, delta-chisq w.r.t. proper motion, parallax signal-to-noise) did not substantially improve the contamination rate, nor did restricting to certain magnitude ranges. However, limiting to significant proper motions and/or high galactic latitude (|b| > 45) increased the real parallax fraction [(pi_pos - pi_neg) / pi_pos] to roughly 40%. My interpretation is that the rate of (non-Gaussian) outlier errors is relatively high (probably ~10%) so that we are very sensitive to an effect equivalent to the Lutz-Kelker bias : background objects are being scattered to (apparently) significant parallaxes and swamping the real objects (since there are so many more background objects). The implication is that, if we want to do blind parallax-based searches, we need to do a better job removing the non-Gaussian outliers. This can probably be done by (a) correcting the Koppenhoffer effect and (b) outlier rejection in the parallax fitting itself (currently not used).
  • worked on dvo tools to measure the Koppenhoffer effect, and a pre-requisite tool to correct the per-measurement position angle in the database.
  • updating the dvo ps1-v4 schema to add Xoff,Yoff : the correction applied to remove the Koppenhoffer effect.

Serge Chastel

  • off on thu (thangsgiving);
  • added pages for staticsky failures in ipp monitor;
  • ippdb04 is replicating the nebulous database;
  • mops icd update (not finished though);
  • more tests for mops dv3.

Heather Flewelling

I was on vacation 11-12 through 11-22, and I was sick on 11-23. I forgot to paste my progress report from 11-05, so here it is:

  • monday czar day
  • finished ipptopsps creation of SA10 batches
    • few bugs, listed for future fixes:
      • dividing float by float occasionally makes non-floats.. python no likey
      • we had test batches on test datastore - but ipptopsps does counts based on dvo_db. This was the same for dvodb for test datastore and real datastore so I 'renamed' the test batches dvodb to hack it out of the way.
  • summit copy investigations (we were falling behind on wednesday night - combination of a lot of stuff)
  • worked on talk (which was postponed)
  • completed (I hope) durham travel stuffs
  • sa10 testing on psps - looks decent so far!

Mark Huber

  • 4 day + thanksgiving vacation
  • MD04 refstack processing
  • MD01.GR0 remaining exposures into V3 setup and processing

Bill Sweeney

  • Continued working in improvements to cleanup process to recover space from duplicate copies of sources in chip and warp cmf files.
  • Added mode to cleanup to chip, warp, and diff cleanup to rerun cleanup for previously cleaned components so that changes to cleanup process can be implemented. tested for chip stage. Need to test warp and diff
  • provided some information to Serge about extra columns data store product listing.
  • finished restoring the last of the still magic censored camera runs
  • Ran queries to evaluate the progress of LAP stacking and the frequency where we get less than 5 filters
  • Started staticsky processing for LAP.
  • queued cleanup of old distribution runs
  • two and a half busy days as processing czar

Chris Waters

  • Wrote script to manage the restoration of background models. This works correctly, but will need to be updated somewhat to allow the information to be stored in the database.
  • Ran unconvolved difference run for MOPS diff tests.
  • Began cleanup of old LAP stacks from previous iterations.
  • Thanksgiving.