IPP Progress Report for the week 2013.03.11 - 2013.03.15

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Eugene Magnier

Serge Chastel

  • IPP
    • No progress on MegaCam?: ppImage and psphot are both crashing
    • ippdb02 backup on ippc62
    • Forced update for files monitoring synthesis
  • MOPS
    • pswarp and ppSub working
    • Found out what ppMops (the skycells-to-exposure reconstruction software) was missing to run
    • The script to differentiate two images is now complete and "working" => I'm turning it into a Condor DAG now. It's going to be difficult since most of the IPP programs exit with a non-0 status

Heather Flewelling

  • addtool/camtool are both fixed now - both had a bug they wouldnt' fail if they attempted to add a processedexp that was already there
  • we found the problem with duplicates - it was in addstar.pro - this has been fixed
  • addstars (all) restarted:
    • addstarring slice 20 and slice 22
    • slices 10 -18 are done
    • running (via pantasks) delstar + steps on slices 12 - 22
  • slice 10 - merged/calibrated into big database: warning: only relphot/relastro a half slice at a time (ie, from -30 to 20 or from 20 - 75), otherwise it blows up and stalls
  • worked on talk for ipptopsps/ps1sc conference
  • psps wg meeting

Mark Huber

  • little work on diffim gallery for Hartung testing
  • starting to look at radial aperture problem reported by DRAVG/PSPS
  • PS1SC meeting MD talk
  • liaison with MD stacks
  • checking in on LAP to push along

Bill Sweeney

Chris Waters