How to be notified of the changes of the IPP wiki pages

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Why would you want to be notified of Wikipage changes?

  • Because you want to be know when a page is updated
  • Because you want to be sure that when a page is updated, the updated information is correct


You need to be logged in to activate or disable notifications.

Configure your e-mail address

Check from your Preferences (in the "General" tab) that your e-mail address is correctly set.

The Preferences can be accessed from the link in the upper right part of any wiki page, e.g.:

Untested feature: It seems that you can set a different address in the Announcements tab. (if you test this feature, please update this wikipage).

If you want to be notified

You just need to click on "Notify me" in the upper right part of the wikipage you want to watch.

If you don't want to be notified

Just click on "Do not notify me" (which is at the same location as the "Notify me" was).

How are you notified?

You will receive an e-mail which contains:

  • the name of the page which has been updated
  • the contents difference

The pages you should watch

Being notified of changes in wikipages is YOUR decision: by default, you will not be notified of anything.

The pages you must watch

  • The main page since it is likely where important changes will be added/removed
  • This very page since it will tell you the changes about the notification policy, the pages that should be watched, the pages that shouldn't



  • Add pages of interest and why they are interesting here