IPP Workshop May 2009

We will be holding an IPP Workshop at the IfA May 18-22, 2009.

Workshop Goals

The primary goal of this workshop is to teach participants about the data products generated by the IPP, including the data formats and the algorithms used in the analysis. In addition, participants should learn how to use the DVO shell to access and interact with the DVO databases generated by the IPP. An important secondary goal is to help with the installation of IPP at participants' home institutions for distribution of data products, to provide local DVO installations, and to make the IPP tools available for further analysis of IPP-produced data.


The workshop schedule will generally consist of morning lectures and discussions, followed in the afternoon by hands-on demonstrations and small-scale data challenges. We have reserved the IfA Auditorium from 8:00 to 13:00 every day of the workshop (except Thursday, when we need to finish by 12:30). We will start the lectures around 8:15, and run until about 12:30, giving extra time for questions before lunch. After lunch, we will have exercises to be done on either users laptops and/or some guest accounts on our Manoa IPP machines. The auditorium will be available on some of these days, or the tables in front of the library may be used.

Detailed Agenda

  • Friday
    • Documentation
    • Detrend Creation
    • Feedback / Discussion
    • talk slides
    • no videos for friday

How to download the videos from the rsync server. To download a complete directory, use a command like the following:

rsync -auv rsync://pikake.ifa.hawaii.edu/ipp.workshop/wednesday/ wednesday/

To download a single file, use a command like the following:

rsync -auv rsync://pikake.ifa.hawaii.edu/ipp.workshop/wednesday/movie1.mpg .

Participation / Registration

There is no formal registration for the workshop. Please send email to the IPP team or add your name to the following list if you intend to come: IPP_Workshop_May_2009_signup.

The workshop is open to power-users from PS1 Science Consortium institutions and a small number of members of non-PS1SC projects which are using or hope to use the IPP for image analysis.

Participants are expected to have a laptop so they can participate in the hands-on sessions.


We recommend participants stay in the Waikiki area. Buses are available, but timing is not great. We suggest that participants rent cars, and carpool together if possible. Parking is available on Woodlawn Dr (you may need to walk a bit), and a few parking passes may be available on the first couple of days.

Jill Kajikawa-Kent (<kajikawa at ifa.hawaii.edu>) can assist with hotel and car bookings if needed.

The following hotels are decent and priced in the range $90 - $110 per night:


In the maps below, the IfA is at the red dot, in Manoa valley beyond the main UH campus.

Remote Participation

We will the polycom turned on in the IfA Auditorium. The address is:

IfA Auditorium: (manoa-auditorium.ifa.hawaii.edu)

Just in case we're forced to move around, the IP addresses for other IfA polycoms are:

Moon Room: (moon-room.ifa.hawaii.edu)