IPP for PS1

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This page lists information related to the IPP processing of the PS1 data.

Data Distribution

Outstanding Issues

IPP Operations

MHPCC Cluster

Configuration Information

Science Image Analysis

Detrend Creation Information

Interesting & Complex Bugs

Postage Stamp Server

Photometric Calibration

Astrometric Calibration

Collimation & Alignment


  • The Data Reduction, Analysis and Verification (DRAV) Group is the formal link between the PS1SC and the IPP team. DRAV coordinates IPP testing outside the IPP team at IfA and has ~monthly telecons bringing together everyone working on or with IPP. Email contact is dravg_at_ps1sc.org, group membership and telecon minutes are posted on the PS1 wiki's DRAVG page
  • DRAVG_test_suite_images_photometry List of IPP test suite images candidates