To run ippMonitor you need a working webserver that supports PHP executed from the ippMonitor directory.

Most people will probably get to this stage but then run into an error message about a missing DB.php module (if you didn't thing probably worked and you didn't click on this page).

There are two issues that will immediately crop up. One is that you need to figure out how to install PHP modules. the PEAR system is the most popular way to do this. The second issue is that the DB.php module has been obsoleted by the MBDB2.php module, so it's unlikely that one will find DB.php installed even in what touts itself to be a complete and modern PHP installation. I used PEAR to an install of DB.php despite the out-of-dateness. Then I had to make sure that PHP scripts were enabled on my webserver and allowed to execute from the ippMonitor directory.

- Michael

Here are Mark Huber's instructions following

  curl > go-pear.php
  sudo php -q go-pear.php
 -- install in /usr/share/pear
 -- /private/etc/php.ini - pear will modify a path
 -- DB.php is outdated need to use older version prior MDB2?
  sudo /usr/share/pear/bin/pear upgrade DB
 -- restart apache

In the installation for VYSOS, I found that the pear files were installed in /usr/local/PEAR, but the php.ini file was not updated. It was necessary to edit /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini and change include_path} to add {{{/usr/local/PEAR.

There is currently MDB2 support code in ippMonitor, but it seems to be broken.

- EAM 2009.08.07