The page says:

Note here the distinction between the IPP user and the IPP dbuser.  There needs to be a single mysql user which has authority to create / write tables.  this is the user defined in the ippMonitor configuration.  There is a second set of user accounts for accessing / viewing the results in ippMonitor.  These are the accounts set up with the dbadmin user command, and the account you enter when logging into ippMonitor.
There is also the user identified in your .ipprc configuration files.  This needs to have the same privileges as the dbuser account, but you may choose to have separate ipprc users for separate people.  We at IfA are currently just using the same dbadmin account for this purpose.  If you want additional such mysql users, you'll need to create them with the 'grant' command above.

I'm confused - it sounds like I need at least one mysql user like 'ipp' who owns the admin databases, but then I can add additonial mysql users for everybody's individual project databases.

But which of the two accounts should appear in .ipprc? Is the .ipprc account the same as that for viewing ippMonitor things?