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Running Pantasks in Client/Server Mode at the ROE

Read First

Much of the following is distilled from Pantasks_server_mode. Read that first. The scripts described there have already been installed, and renamed appropriately in certain cases.

Configuring Environment

  • In $HOME/.ptolemyrc set:
    • PANTASKS_SERVER eday.roe.ac.uk
    • PASSWORD <password>

Operating the Server

Starting the Server

  • start_pantasks_server &

Starting a download

  • start_pantasks_client eday
  • pantasks: server module server.pro
  • pantasks: setup_roe or setup_ps1md
  • pantasks: machines 3
  • pantasks: run

Check the status of the sever

Use any of the following:

  • pantasks: status controller
  • pantasks: status server
  • pantasks: status scheduler

Exiting the client

You can exit the client at any time without affecting the server:

  • pantasks: quit

Halting the server

To halt the server:

  • start_pantasks_client eday
  • pantasks: shutdown now