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Summary of MD.GR1 -- in progress --

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Preparation thoughts for the next/uniform MD processing.

All processing (at least per field) really should be done as a unit, no more mix and match..

Before it can start

  • V3 -- is it what is wanted, do centers need to be re-shifted?
  • problem chips/cells/skycells flagged and fixed if possible
  • can edges be dealt with better (do they need to be?)
  • stack types (iq, ref, deep, nightly, convolved) tested and defined (any cuts, minimum inputs, convolved version etc)
  • diffim improvements, photometry tests
  • staticsky/skycal tests

General guideline and stages (stacks/diffs) to do:

  • chip->warp: by default must do
  • stacks: all types now?
    • best IQ/FWHM:
    • reference stack:
      • all out of season
      • each season/year stack
    • deep stack:
    • night stack: all during night even if some "marginal"?
  • diffims: which ones need to be done?
    • night WS,SS with with out-of-season refstack or ?
  • staticsky/skycal:

Define uniform label, data_group formats: label and data_group similar ?

  • chip->warp: MD<##>.GR1.<proc start date>
  • stack:
    • reference stack: MD<##>.GR1.<proc start date of chip->warp>.refstack.<proc date> ?
    • deep stack: MD<##>.GR1.<proc date of chip->warp>.deepstack.<proc date>
    • night stack: MD<##>.GR1.<proc date with chip->warp>.nightstack.<obsdate>
  • diffim:
  • staticsky/skycal:

Distribution and cleanup:

  • what goes to distribution this time (who needs what)
  • how long must it stay on disk
  • what past processing can be cleaned up on disk now