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Summary of MD04.pv2_deeptest.20130903

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This is a test sample for PV2 and deep stacks using MD04 while it is an inactive field.

PV2: update type reprocessing

Deep stacks:

Reference stack -- this should be useful for making the MD04 refstack for return to field early November 2013. May move section for refstack to its own page for consistency.

Other stacks:

  • in and out of season stacks -- haven't been done yet, need sample for Taiwan meeting
  • fewer N input refstack


  • prior 9/3 many issues being worked out for PV2 and MD (MD10.refstack.20130715)
  • 9/3 PV2 updates started for MD04 after M31 reprocessing finished
  • 9/6 PV2 updates finished
  • 10/3 test all-in deep stack skycell run
  • 10/10 started full all-in deep stack run

PV2 updates


PV1 camera label -- data_group: mix of processing labels/data_groups, but all of PV1 type (cam_id>=434615)

label data_group
MD04.pv1.20130322 MD04.pv1.20130322
MD04.refstack.20121125 MD04.refstack.20121125
MD04.nightlyscience MD04.<obsdate 20121129--20130525>

There have been some test reprocessing that had to be avoided -- czw.MDVDtest%, czw.MDVD.MD04.%

PV2 camera (as well as chip, warp) label MD04.pv2.20130903, data_group left as originally was to be able to track back.

With ipp047 data disk down, have found ~3% of exposures missing a related imfile (~half are the burn.tbl files that can be regenerated) and indicates serious need of fixing the replication of raw data. Also found some replicated but on a host (ipp064X) that no longer exists.. it is also possible some replicated products may be on the same host if push to the stsci nodes with 3 partitions..

Number totals: (not all exposures pass camera stage, FWHM>12 pixels)

| filter  | count(cam_id) | count(warp_id) |
| g.00000 |           596 |            577 | 
| i.00000 |           719 |            713 | 
| r.00000 |           588 |            571 | 
| y.00000 |           471 |            465 | 
| z.00000 |           711 |            710 | 

PV2 warps will also be kept available (not cleaned up) for making deep stacks but also will be a accessible via the PSS/PSPS interface more quickly (release name MD04.PV2).

3PI overlap

Unclear what want to do here still, with LAP running, and how useful it will be in the stack.

Deep Stacks

Like with MD09, different versions of stacks will be produced for testing (not all will be full-field?)

  • all -- alldeeptest
  • cuts -- cutdeeptest
  • best cuts >2010+cuts -- bestcutdeeptest



Best Cut

Reference Stacks

Adding sample of planned final reference stacks.

-- need naming scheme --

IQ Stacks?

Reference Yearly Stacks

Reference Out-of-Season Stack

Two types possible, all exposures before season (default during active observing) and all exposures before/after season.