Magic Install Issues

  • VerifyStreaks depends on the Qt library. The tarball for version 4.6.1 can be found in the ipp user home directory under magic_tarballs.
  • building libQt is a bit of a pain. I did the following steps to build it into the ipp-20100205 installation location:
    • ./configure --prefix=/home/panstarrs/ipp/psconfig/ipp-20100205.lin64 -rpath
    • I needed to answer two questions regarding licensing. the answers were : 'o' and 'yes'
    • make && make install
    • make crashed because of an error in the link paths. it succeeded with make install, but I have not tried a clean build with just 'make install'
    • NOTE: the full build for QT takes ~10 min or so on the MHPCC machines
  • libQt is very touchy: I tried to rebuild after moving the source tree : I had to remove two files which were softlinks to absolute paths (.../Qt/qconfig.h and .../QtCore/qconfig.h).