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  • Getting help / exchanging information
    • ps-ipp-users mailing list
    • The Data Reduction, Analysis and Verification (DRAV) Group is the formal link between the PS1SC and the IPP team. DRAV coordinates IPP testing outside the IPP team at IfA and has ~monthly telecons bringing together everyone working on or with IPP. Email contact is dravg_at_ps1sc.org, group membership and telecon minutes are posted on the DRAV page on PS1wiki.

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Contributed memo's and IPP users guide

IPP Users: please put notes, guides, etc here


Bad Pixel Masks

Simtest things

Essence things (ppSub)

GPC reduction things

ISP reduction things

IPP Database

DVO Experiments

  • DVO FAQ -- look here for questions and solutions and add your own!
  • DVO Intro : introduction to the Desktop Virtual Observatory (on the CFHT elixir pages)
  • dvo.pdf manual from project documentation pages (needs updating, but describes concepts of dvo)
  • DVO DB Synth grizy bright -- Bright-end subset DVO database with complete Ohana tarball
  • DVO Example -- a tarball and instructions on very basic DVO usage
  • DVO Challenge -- links to notes and Heidelberg slides created by Mike Liu
  • USNO-B in DVO : Building the USNO-B DVO catalog
  • 2MASS, USNO-B, SDSS Merge : Notes on generating a merged DVO database
  • 2MASS info in DVO : A quick summary on what info from 2MASS has been imported into DVO
  • SDSS stripe82 data set For the daring, there is a 202 MB tarfile expanding into a 588 MB directory with a very small subset of multi-epoch (but not [yet] coadded) SDSS stripe 82 data at http://www.mpia.de/homes/jester/IPPstripe82_catdir_20080610.tgz The README describes what's there and how it was made. This is not (yet) useful for science! Email jester at mpia.de with questions regarding this dataset.
  • DVO GPC1 pt 2 : MWV's test of DVO and addstar with GPC1 pt 2 release (see mail to ps-ipp-users from Gene Magnier on 2008/10/06)
  • dvo tutorial: Attempt at a cookbook-style introduction to dvo

Pordig Examples

Postage Stamp Server

Other Cameras

  • IPPstripe82 : Running IPP on SDSS southern-stripe multi-epoch data - Sebastian Jester ( work in progress )
  • 2.2m-UH-Tek : Ran IPP 2.1 on UH 2.2m's Tek data. Notes on errors/fixes made to config files. By Julia Fang
  • 2.2m-UH Tek : How to run IPP 2.6.1 with Tek images (preliminary) - Alexander Laurich
  • 2.2m-UH-8K : Trying to use for UH88 8K optical CCD data reduction/analysis - Alexander Laurich
  • PAIRITEL : Configured to reduced pre-processed NIR data from 1.8-m refurbished 2MASS North telescope, PAIRITEL.

psphot - the Durham experience

  • Deep field photometry - Durham_WHDF
  • Extended source photometry - Sloan

IPP Cluster Logs


Odyssey Configuration

Jan 20, 2009 Data Release


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