Here you will find information relating to Medium Deep Fields:

General Information on MD fields

IPP MD processing

  • MD.GR0 -- Grand Reprocessing (version 0) of MD fields into the V3 tesselation + reference stacks (2011/2012 season) + deep stacks + general information
  • MD.PV1 -- partial re-reprocessing of MD fields necessary to have a full set of all exposures using the 20120524v0 ubercal catalog, ipp-20120404,r33642 tag and valid detrends with a start date of May 16, 2012 onwards. All nightly science data after that date is also considered of PV1 type.
  • MD.PV2 -- update type reprocessing
  • MD.PV3 -- full pixel reprocessing (early Fall)

MD_stack_types -- general summary of stack type data products (still under development)

Last Reference stacks to end of survey -- most recent and active by label, data_group (label changes to MD##.refstack when it is the most recent version in active use for diffims)

Deep stacks and tests:

Other/Past refstacks:

Problems/Tests related to MD data:

MD by other telescopes

MD presentations