This page discusses various administrative tasks associated with Nebulous.


nebdiskd can be restarted using the following procedure:

  1. log on to ippdb00
    • ssh ippdb00
  2. switch to a superuser account
    • su
  3. change directories to /
    • cd /
  4. restart nebdiskd
    • /etc/init.d/nebdiskd restart

Removing a host from nebulous permanently

If the RAID fails on the data partition and we lose the data from that partition, we need to do the following in the nebulous database:

  1. Remove the entry in the mountedvol table (should be auto-removed by nebdiskd):
    • DELETE FROM mountedvol WHERE vol_id = XX;
  2. Convert the entry in the volume table to point to a dummy location:
    • UPDATE volume SET name = 'ippNNN.0X', path = '/data/ippNNN.0X/nebulous', mountpoint = '/data/ippNNN.0X' WHERE vol_id = XX;
  3. Add the new volume:
    • neb-voladd --vname ippXXX.0 --vhost ippXXX --uri file:///data/ippXXX.0/nebulous --mountpoint /data/ippXXX.0 --db nebulous --user nebulous --pass XXX
    • neb-voladm --vname ippXXX.0 --cab_id X --db nebulous --user nebulous --pass XXX
  4. Test that the directories exist:
    • mkdir /data/ippNNN.0/nebulous
    • chown apache.nebulous /data/ippNNN.0/nebulous or chown --reference /data/ipp007.0/nebulous /data/ippNNN.0/nebulous
    • chmod 1775 /data/ippNNN.0/nebulous