Stand-Alone Ohana Installation Instructions

Ohana can be installed an run stand alone, but our current build suite does not make this completely trivial.

it has a lot fewer external library support requirements, so it would be easier to install.

If you want to try, I recommend doing the following ($svn =

mkdir myDVO
cd myDVO
svn co $svn/trunk/Ohana Ohana
svn co $svn/trunk/psconfig psconfig

enter psconfig and follow the instructions in 'INSTALL' about setting up the psconfig system (sections 1 and 2).

enter Ohana and type 'psconfigure'.

if you are lucky, all of the needed libraries will be installed in your system.

if not, you will need to check out our external libraries as well:

svn co $svn/trunk/extlibs

then, you can go into psconfig and use 'pschecklibs -force (library)' to install just the library of interest from our copies.