(Up to PS1 IPP Czar Logs)

Here is a mana script to add new lines to the czarlog page.

Modify the start and end dates to match your desired range.

macro go
  $TIMEREF = 2000/01/01,00

  ctimes -abs 2016/07/04 -var t0
  ctimes -abs 2017/01/02 -var t1

  $d0 = int($t0)
  $d1 = int($t1)

  for i $d1 $d0 -7
    ctimes -ref $i -var tmp
    substr $tmp 0 4 Y
    substr $tmp 5 2 M
    substr $tmp 8 2 D
    fprintf " * [wiki:PS1_IPP_Czarlog_%s%s%s Czar Logs %s.%s.%s]" $Y $M $D $Y $M $D