PS1 IPP Czar Logs for the week 2013-02-25 - 2013-03-03

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Monday : 2013-01-25

  • 09:15 Bill: ran queuessky.lap --ra_min 60 --ra_max 90 --go which queued about 2100 new staticskyRuns
  • 13:11 Bill: Found the cause of the strip of missing staticskyRuns around RA = 60. The RA for the center of the skycell was < 60. Queued 127 new runs in that region.
  • 14:54 Bill: The update pantasks was not running for some reason. Restarted it.

Tuesday : 2013-02-26

Wednesday : 2013-02-27

Thursday : 2013-02-28

Bill is czar today

  • 06:30 Burntool got stuck. exposure o6351g0256q completed registration with ota XY02 left with burntool_state = -1. This prevented all later exposures from registering. The burntool table exists so I just set the burntool state to -14 and that got things going again. 365 exposures copied but not registered.
  • 15:18 Setting stdscience to stop for daily restart
  • 15:44 restarted stdscience

Friday : 2013-03-01

  • 08:55 Bill : Free space is getting pretty critical. Turning cleanup on. Set in stdscience for the time being (there is nothing queued but...)
  • 13:15 EAM : rebooted ipp014,ipp015,ipp016 to use the new kernel. after a couple of days, I'll turn on nebulous for them
  • 15:42 Bill : changed state of some chips needed by LAP processing from goto_cleaned to full. Restarted cleanup with chip.cleanup off. Will revisit this after the other cleanups finish.

Saturday : 2013-03-02

Sunday : 2013-03-03

  • 10:45 MEH: looks like LAP finished 6-7h strip minus a few stacks to revert. setting up the next strip
  • 11:00 MEH: doing normal restart of stdscience while loading new LAP runs
  • 12:00 LAP runs still loading. need to have stdscience running for the lap. tasks