PS1 IPP Czar Logs for the week 2013.05.13 - 2013.05.19

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Tuesday : 2013.05.14

  • 12:00 MEH: raising QUB PSS prio since stalled from PSI(?) failing updates, really since time-sensitive don't want this below others except MOPS.
  • 13:00 MEH: PSS has PS1_ or cheee_ request for image updates that are regularly faulting (and for a while now and making many attempted update log files...) -- need a tried X times and faulting for this case -- looks like something trying to update very old data
    system failure for: --threads @MAX_THREADS@ --exp_id 47224 --chip_id 15837 --chip_imfile_id 790639 --class_id XY24 --uri neb://ipp027.0/gpc1/20081106/o4776g0293o/o4776g0293o.ota24.fits --camera GPC1 --run-state update  --deburned 1 --outroot neb://ipp027.0/gpc1/ThreePi.Run2.v0/o4776g0293o.47224/ --redirect-output --dbname gpc1 --verbose
        Unable to parse concept FPA.FILTERID, but concept not marked as required.
        Skipping Empty and Video Cell for ppImageCrosstalk
          crosstalk measurement: 0.800857 sec
              Cell 0: 1 1
        problem with mask value BURNTOOL
            VIDEO: 0 0 0
          VIDEO: 1 0 0
        Non-finite value (nan) of concept CHIP.TEMP in readout
    Unable to loop over input
     -> pmDarkApply (pmDark.c:596): unknown psLib error
         Value for DARK.ORDINATE CHIP.TEMP is NAN
     -> ppImageDetrendReadout (ppImageDetrendReadout.c:203): unknown psLib error
         Unable to subtract dark.
     -> ppImageLoop (ppImageLoop.c:115): unknown psLib error     Unable to detrend readout
          Memory leaks: 17
    Number of leaks to display: 500
  • 15:30 MEH: appears ps_ud_PSI is not a default label in the update pantasks and why PSI requests have been stalled for a while. Was there a reason for not adding it to the default list?
  • 22:00 MEH: registration hanging up on ipp016,042.. detrend running and using tonight, taking 1x out of stdscience and things moving more smoothly.

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Friday : 2013.05.17

mark is czar

  • 07:00 MEH: partially weathered/light night, data downloaded
  • 13:30 MEH: looks like ippc02 and ipp034 rebooted on own ~24hr ago.. restarted gmond to fix memory repor on ganglia

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