PS1 IPP Czar Logs for the week 2014.12.01 - 2014.12.07

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Monday : 2014.12.01

  • 09:53 Bill: restarted distribution pantasks which was sluggish with diff stage enabled. SAS distribution is all finished except for diff stage.
  • 13:00 Bill: ~ippsky is rerunning staticsky and skycal for sas.37
  • 17:00 MEH: setting up ippx049+ for ippsky staticsky/cal to use -- manually adding when ready, ~3x should be fine for 50G ram
    • ippx049--x088 have been setup and added temporarily to a x2 group (need split by pdu?), after Haydn's email x089-x092 also -- see x2 group for ones still down
  • 22:00 MEH: nightly processing not doing well w/ ippmd and ippsky running (or something else?) -- ipp083-087 overloaded/not responding and stalling registration

Tuesday : 2014.12.02

  • 07:11 Bill: started up fullforce in ~ippsky/staticsky (staticsky and skycal are finished except for one skycell that faulted with a data error. It is running now
  • 07:30 MEH: registration backed up quite a bit, too many nodes in use -- ippmd stop until nightly finishes
    • looks like something may have started ~0200, nightly rate dropped greatly then as well.. and not just for stdsci -- looking at the storage node network, appears the red storage nodes hit a data block about that time and there it is...
  • 08:30 MEH: taking some xNNN nodes out of ippsky until nightly finishes.. then probably could do 4x on those for FF
  • 08:40 MEH: an exposure (o6993g0619o) is stalled in registration.. been a while so restart summitcopy and registration (then stdsci once nightly is finished) -- had to manually run
    regtool -dbname gpc1 -revertprocessedexp -exp_id 829654
  • 09:30 MEH: ipp056,058,060 have space and could be moved out of repair to help ease load on new storage nodes and get nightly finished
    • same for ipp012,013,029,030
    • now get to see those load >50 -- so even when get 10G for ipp083-088 setup, the other 1G systems will get large loads?
  • 12:00 MEH: warp growth curve fault --
    warptool -dbname gpc1 -updateskyfile -fault 0 -set_quality 42 -warp_id 1241149  -skycell_id skycell.1616.069
  • 12:30 MEH: nightly finally finished, while waiting for storage node reboots, going to do the regular restart of stdsci and set to stop
  • 12:50 MEH: adding host groups s4,s5 for the new storage hosts ipp067-070,ipp071-088 respectively. will start testing running jobs on them including deep stacks and should not be allocated for any other jobs at this time
  • 13:15 CZW: ran stop to ensure IPP processing is off while we do 10G reboots (and hopefully scidb switch).
  • 14:00 MEH: not doing the scidb/ippdb01/05 switch, might as well use this standby time to restart the mysql on ippdb01 (been ~10d or so)
    • restarted czarpoll and roboczar on ippc11
  • 15:47 Bill: found another bug in skycal. skycal will need to be rerun for SAS.37 (as does fullforce)
  • 16:00 MEH: Haydn & Gavin finished config and reboot of storage nodes. CZW tested r/w on storage nodes, look like ready to go. set pantasks to run and shortly after ipp077 crash -- set to neb-host down
  • 17:50 MEH: Gavin restored ipp077 back w/ 1G network, problem w/ 10G card? put back to neb-host repair
  • 18:30 MEH: ipp013 appears unresponsive.. ipp012 and some others did for brief period of time as well.. neb-host down for a bit just in case..
    • console showing mem check.. looks like it power cycled..
    • ipp008,012,013,014,016,018,037 actually were all power cycled according to ganglia.. oh why..
  • 19:00 MEH: nightly seems to be stalled.. lanl stdlocal and ippmd stop..
    • restarted registration seems to have cleared the problem... was stuck on all ota like
      o6994g0004o  XY76 0 pending_burntool neb://ipp053.0/gpc1/20141203/o6994g0004o/o6994g0004o.ota76.fits	
    • 19:10 registration finally caught up..
  • 20:00 MEH: starting ippsky/staticsky processing in place of stdlocal as SAS has priority -- attempting to balance after skycal finishes to try and finish SAS by morning w/o impacting nightly processing
    • skycal finished, fullforced doesn't seem to be running after 20 mins.. -- c2 off, leaving 2x x2 on in case something happens -- ippsky to stop
  • 20:10 MEH: manually adding ipp067 and ipp072 to summitcopy to test, red and data blocked so if crash will minimize cleanup..
  • 21:05 MEH: ippmd run, stdlocal run, watching load -- stdlocal turn off all x0,x1 so ~135 jobs running (ippmd ~170 jobs) -- BUT this is w/o diffims being done in stdsci apparently..
  • 23:45 MEH: no WW diffs for MOPS being made.. -- 3 chunks available and nothing being queued.. -- CZW noticed initday not run today due to downtime, when added diffims now queued
  • 00:30 MEH: warp faults -- cannot build growth curve (psf model is invalid everywhere)
    warptool -dbname gpc1 -updateskyfile -fault 0 -set_quality 42 -warp_id 1241654 -skycell_id skycell.2295.051
    warptool -dbname gpc1 -updateskyfile -fault 0 -set_quality 42 -warp_id 1241730 -skycell_id skycell.2295.051
  • 01:00 MEH: nightly processing seems to have screeched to a halt -- ipp060 is terrible wait_cpu state, neb-host repair finally cleared. stdlocal and ippmd stop until cleared and then watch similar loading again (~135 stdlocal, ~170 ippmd)
    • rate just isn't great, so stdlocal and ippmd off until morning. needs more tuning and since ippmd stop, put some ipps nodes into stdsci (will remove in morning)

Wednesday : 2014.12.03

  • 8:00 HAF I cleared up some faults in registration:
    regtool -revertprocessedimfile -dbname gpc1 -exp_id 830390
    regtool -revertprocessedimfile -dbname gpc1 -exp_id 830392
    regtool -revertprocessedimfile -dbname gpc1 -exp_id 830393

This allowed all but 1 exposure to finish registration ( 0471) - the obvious tricks aren't working, I need to think a bit how to fix it.

  • 9:53 HAF: the last exposure is done, it fixed itself (?)
  • 10:40 MEH: nightly xSS finished w/ diffims, turning on ippsky for SAS FF w/ 2x x2 group to start with and ippmd after removing ipps from stdsci
    • seems fine, adding more x2 -- 4x x2, poll 200, rate ~250-300s per, maybe finish ~8-10hr?
  • 11:30 MEH: all nightly finished, putting update labels back in
  • 12:30 MEH: stdlocal only has 2x x0+x1 loaded, adding 1x x0+x1 into ippsky as well
  • 16:25 CZW: Good news: I fixed the warp-stack issue that was preventing these from being queued. Bad news: there are now 1150 diffs that want to run.
  • 16:54 CZW: ipp034 died again. Nothing informative on the console. Power cycled. It's already in repair, so there's not much more to do when it comes back.

Thursday : 2014.12.04

  • 08:30 MEH: reducing ippsky by 2x x2 to use in ippmd processing -- SAS finished except for faults and should be enough nodes to finish those if necessary
  • 10:30 CZW: stsci03 is back online, and is set to repair in nebulous.
  • 10:35 MEH: MSS diffim fault 5 needed to be dropped so MOPS can finish their processing.. -- similar problem
    -> VectorFitPolynomial1DOrd (psMinimizePolyFit.c:633): unknown psLib error
         Could not solve linear equations.
    -- so just marked quality 42
    difftool -updatediffskyfile -fault 0 -set_quality 42 -diff_id 613152 -skycell_id skycell.1099.062 -dbname gpc1
  • 11:00 MEH: deep stack test runs on ipp068,072 to start -- will put into repair if not finished by time observations being
    • in doing this, discovered /local/ipp symlink not setup... will check others and fix as necessary -- 073-075,077, 083-088 as well
  • 11:15 CZW: I've set chipRuns with label=LAP.PV3.20140730.ipp, data_group=LAP.PV3.20140730.ipp.20141129 to label LAP.PV3.20140730 to migrate this processing to LANL. These chips are behind a large backlog locally, and as the LANL queue is largely empty, I'd rather push them there to get processing time. I may repeat this with other local data groups if this works well to clear the .ipp runs in favor of the the .bigmem ones.
  • 12:30 MEH: ippmd using all of x2 group -- 640 jobs running at once now
  • 13:00 MEH: Gavin changed the rwsize for mounts on 10G (071-076,078-082) -- will see how it goes
  • 13:30 CZW: full ipp/ipplanl pantasks restart.
  • 14:45 MEH: massive overloads on ipp083,085,088 -- put to repair and see how it goes for now -- ippc0x nodes also overload but suspect due to waiting on transactions from ipp083,085,088
    • then started picking on the other 1G -- 056,058,086,084 -- so go just 10G for a bit --
    • actually not clear 10G vs 1G, or rather the 1G mostly all have bad batteries and in WT not WB for raid.. even ipp056, 058
    • ipp060 has good battery, but looks like problem from dmesg
      [2014-12-03 00:38:16] SLAB: Unable to allocate memory on node 0 (gfp=0x20)
      [2014-12-03 00:38:16]   cache: TCP, object size: 1728, order: 1
      [2014-12-03 00:38:16]   node 0: slabs: 8/8, objs: 32/32, free: 0
      [2014-12-03 00:45:30] mrmonitord: page allocation failure: order:1, mode:0x200020
      [2014-12-03 00:45:30] Pid: 15556, comm: mrmonitord Tainted: G           O 3.7.6 #1
    • ipp012,030 are on 1G? they are doing fine
  • 15:05 MEH: ipp072 then ipp068 high loads, suspending deep stack test
  • 16:50 MEH: ipp083,084,085,086,088 back neb-host up -- will run high load and possibly be a drag on processing, but will adjust extra-nightly processing to account for
  • 17:30 MEH: stdsci WS diffims finished ~17:20 and all loads are fine now w/ stdlocal and ippmd running >800 jobs.. maybe the storage nodes that stsci runs on need to have the mounts flushed to use the new rwsize for the 10G machines too -- CZW working on it
  • 18:00 MEH: ippmd seems to show larger cpu_wait with ippx049+ compare to ippsXX for chip-->warp processing, what is different and is this an issue? NIS/homedir connection issue mentioned by Haydn?
    • didn't see w/ x0,x1 test use w/ ippmd
  • 19:45 MEH: seeing a lot of strange faults -- missing files to delete again etc
  • 19:55 MEH: nightly seems to be moving okay, manually adding ipp067-082 to summitcopy since ran for past couple of nights with two
  • 21:10 MEH: diffims started and loads very high again now and rate dropping. turning majority of ippmd stop for a bit
  • 21:40 MEH: rate much better, but notice stdlocal also running just ~45 stacks now and don't know when that was done -- starting ippmd w/ ~86 and will continue until rate degraded again
  • 23:00 MEH: Serge reports a problem .mops file on the datastore --
    • seems nebulous is having problems? finally was able to neb-ls -p and see the original file okay, but timeout caused the datastore file to fail?
    • Serge is manually fetching directly from disk to add for MOPS
  • 23:50 MEH: set quality 42 for problem warp and diff
    --> cannot build growth curve (psf model is invalid everywhere)
    warptool -dbname gpc1 -updateskyfile -fault 0 -set_quality 42 -warp_id 1246258  -skycell_id skycell.0802.029
    --> Reference FWHM: nan 
    difftool -updatediffskyfile -fault 0 -set_quality 42 -diff_id 613517 -skycell_id skycell.0801.040 -dbname gpc1
  • 00:20 MEH: cleanup seems to be driving nebulous into the ground? stopped for the night
  • 01:50 MEH: nebulous was a red herring, issue was symlinks on ippc17:/datastore/dsroot/IPP-MOPS-TEST to ipp071.0 but the ipp071.0 mount was broken
    • important, never try to do a ls on /datastore/dsroot/IPP-MOPS-TEST...
    • while nebulous not the cause of this problem, Serge still was seeing timeouts so cleanup etc is overloading things w/ nightly science
  • 02:15 MEH: trying cleanup on one more time -- clearly driving larger load on ippc0x apache and ipp083-088 nodes -- weather looks poor so turning back on w/ ippmd turned down for tonight

Friday : 2014.12.05

  • 07:15 Gene using ippx002-005 for relastro tests -- will need ippx002-011 today and tomorrow+
  • 07:55 MEH: neb-host repair for ipp082,083-088 in advance of possible raid battery swap (082,087 already in repair)
  • 08:00 MEH: reboot ipp060 to see if clears error and helps when neb-host up
    • still switches to WT for raid even though battery reported there and not bad (not good either..)
  • 08:40 MEH: ippx016 has been fixed for a while now, needed /local/ipp link fixed and removed comment out in group x1
    • ippx039 still problem -- reports no ext3 partition on /dev/md3
  • 10:35 MEH: ippx018 out of stdlocal so Haydn can fix disk (maybe shouldnt be using anyways..)
  • 11:30 MEH: stdlocal is now disabled from using storage nodes ( as well as disabled from calling in morning to turn on. leaving the on so if get behind in nightly then chip->warp is turned off in stdlocal to ease network loads
  • 11:45 MEH: Haydn fixed ippx039 disk, x101-103 are also ready -- added to hosts x2
  • 11:50 MEH: another fault 5 ws diff from ref fwhm nan
    difftool -updatediffskyfile -fault 0 -set_quality 42 -diff_id 613691 -skycell_id skycell.0801.040 -dbname gpc1
  • 12:00 MEH: some necessary regular maintenance
    • ippc18 homedir ~26G, time to clean up rooms -- ipp log archive only provide ~35G and will take some time to avoid overloading ippc18..
    • apache nebulous.log on ippx0c machines -- one was really close <2G last night, thanks to Serge for rotating the logs for all of the apache servers so at ~same space
  • 16:50 MEH: registration has a tweak_revert file for 600s and imfile.revert.norm 1800s to see how the change goes
  • 17:00 Haydn doing battery relearn cycle on ipp082-088 since batteries are new. ipp056,058,060 are old and likely do need to be replaced
  • 17:15 Haydn restarting ippx018 to replace bad disk
  • 17:20 MEH: putting the ipp083-086,088 nodes back up, also putting some smaller full storage nodes in repair and ones with space back up for a while to fill
  • 19:30 MEH: ipp056,058,060 battery relearn finished, will all the other nodes up will try these up as well and see

Saturday : 2014.12.06

  • revised -- planned downtime MRTC-B 590B Lipoa Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) -- Saturday December 6th. They will be starting our shutdown processes at 9am and will hopefully start turning things back on at 3pm.
    • all processing stopped before ~7am
    • Haydn on site to start power down of systems @7am

  • node allocation after restart --
    • stdsci -- default
    • stdlocal -- reduced loads 3x c2, 3x x2 -- no storage nodes now
    • relastro -- ippx002--x036 (unless x018 fails with disk issue)
    • ippmd -- ipps, ippx037-x048, little also on x2 at reduced loads
    • cleanup tasks -- priority
    • rsync slow.log off ippdb00 since only 7.xG space available.. already renamed so restart will create new one
  • 06:20 MEH: let the stop of processing begin --
    • ippmd down
    • stdlocal down
    • pstamp, distribution down
    • cleanup down
    • summit+registration+stdsci down
    • czarpoll/roboczar down
    • ippdb00,01,02,03,05 mysql shutdown
    • all systems powered down -- ippc18 looks to still be up
  • 12:50 MEH: systems turning back on but nothing should be started until deal with nebulous db log -- will send out email when ready to go
    • ipp055,057 recovered some memory lost from before the shutdown, yay
    • ipp054 lost some memory -- powercycle to try to recover -- done and ok now
    • stsci12 booting but will need to be taken down again to replace a power supply -- done
  • 14:40 MEH: db machines up and logs seem okay (slave positions match etc) except lately (since 10/14) the nebulous mysqld.err log has many many such entries
    141205 20:02:07InnoDB: Warning: cannot find a free slot for an undo log. Do you have too
    InnoDB: many active transactions running concurrently?
    • ippc17 mysql seems okay
    • ipp067,stsci09 still down?
    • compute nodes booting, so many nodes..
    • starting slow scan for all data node mounts
    • stsci12 power supply replaced
    • when all datanodes up, ipp will start nebdiskd on ippdb00
  • 15:10 MEH:
    • ippdb06 booted, mysql crash recovery and replication catching up -- Haydn wants to keep an eye on it running again, memtest ran 65hr w/o problem
    • ipp067,stsci09 now up. stsci09 had odd error in dmesg to keep eye on
      [2014-12-06 15:12:09] mrmonitord[16293]: segfault at 0 ip 00000000080a38a8 sp 00000000f5fefd70 error 4 in mrmonitord[8048000+13d000]
    • ippxNNN nodes almost finished, jaws nodes next -- may want to change the documented order of this so processing (nightly on the storage nodes etc) can be started while all the ippxNNN nodes come up
    • ippc29 missing memory again -- i will power cycle later, only a test/stack node for MD
    • datanode mounting datanodes seems ok, c0-2,m0,m1 mount of datanodes seem ok --
  • 16:05 MEH: limited nightly processing started since uses data nodes, some misc compute nodes have to be looked at still
    • exposure blocked in summitcopy o6997g0719o -- others getting stalled but slowly clearing, restarting summitcopy cleared
    • ippdb01 running pretty hard, kind of concerned for just limited nightly processing
    • NO other processing should start until nightly finishes, then will start cleanup and pstamp
    • ippc19 date is wrong, ippc07 having trouble mounting homedir -- fixed w/ manual time set and restart ntpd, restart nfs
  • 17:45 MEH: nightly caught up except for darks, starting other pantasks
    • adding back WS labels back in for diffims -- survey.warpstack.diff repeat timeouts, gpc1 having trouble
    • looks like slow query is pilling up and not clearing, may need to restart db01 mysql -- still happening, will have to turn off WS diff or will drive db into the ground
  • 18:50 MEH: the long WS and unused stack nightlyscience query faults after ~600s but continue to pile up in the db -- disable WS diffs and stack tasks..
    • where is the label coming from for it to be doing a query looking for MD08.. -- target groups in nightly_science.config
      AND (rawExp.exp_type = 'object') AND (rawExp.dateobs >= '2014-12-07T00:00:00.000000' AND rawExp.dateobs <= '2014-12-07T23:59:59.000000') AND (warpRun.label LIKE 'MD08.nightlyscience') AND ((warpSkyfile.good_frac > 0.05000000 - 0.00000119)) AND (rawExp.filter = 'g.00000')
    • will need to try and get the WS diff caught up by monday to avoid cleanup problem?
  • 20:30 MEH: watching ippmd + ipplocal running w/ stdsci until first full chunk done -- seeing no diffims being made..
    • if starting other pantasks, please at least note it in czarlogs...
  • 20:50 MEH: restarting stdsci, to clear fail/counters -- also picked up diffims now --
  • 21:11 EAM: restarting my relastro analysis using ippx002 - ippx032.
  • 21:40 MEH: summitcopy is greatly lagging.. no jobs on stdlocal but turning off with ippmd overnight -- more disks have gone red, need to not make worse until cleanup makes progress
  • 23:15 MEH: ipp077 unresponsive and cannot access disk, already in repair but put to down -- console spammed w/
    <Dec/07 04:54 pm>[34155.922340] journal commit I/O error
    • can't be good -- setting neb-host down --
  • 00:20 MEH: ippdb01 went into nearly 100% cpu_wait state.. -- why, things were running lightly and smoothly..
    • uncommon number of processes >550?
    • pstamp started w/ jobs about that time
    • cleanup jobs doubled in dtime
    • ippdb01 net io~0
    • simple queries now >300s
    • pstamp stop and cpu_wait drop, run and cpu_wait jumps to 30% then seems to settle down -- why would pstamp impact ippdb01 system?
  • 01:15 MEH: hour later, still no diffims.. restart stdsci? yes, finds many to do, is the timeouts etc causing a glitch?

Sunday : 2014.12.07

  • 10:45 MEH: looks like registration is down, did someone stop it around 0730?? nightly science is still not finished so going to restart it -- looks like segfault
    [2014-12-07 07:27:15] pantasks_server[8766]: segfault at 10679f8 ip 0000000000408a4e sp 0000000042c8cf20 error 4 in pantasks_server[400000+16000]
  • 11:10 MEH: even with no jobs running, the WS query has continued to timeout and 12 long queries trying to run -- mysqld.slow.log shows >600s to 6ks (pantasks timeout=600, so tweak to 1800)
  • 12:45 MEH: long WS query runs in 30s or less on ippdb03,db05.. something wrong with db01, even w/ all stop but stdlanl..
    • raise timeout to 3600s -- 3pi query timeout..
  • 15:45 MEH: we have power cycle access now for ipp082-087 on console
  • 16:00 MEH: looks like battery relearn may have worked on the newer data nodes, but still retains WT policy?
    Dec  7 01:40:47 ipp083 MR_MONITOR[16550]: <MRMON194> Controller ID:  0   BBU enabled; changing WT logical drives to WB
    Dec  7 01:40:47 ipp083 MR_MONITOR[16550]: <MRMON054> Controller ID:  0   Policy change on VD:   0 
    Dec  7 01:40:47 ipp083 Current   =   Current Write Policy: Write Through;
    • ipp084,087 not have this message -- relearn not finished?
  • 17:45 MEH: restarting db01 mysql -- something clearly wrong with it.. -- nothing should be started using gpc1 unless checked with me first
  • 19:20 MEH: db01 mysql WS queries working like db03 now and running, nightly processing seems okay -- still please do not start anything w/o checking first
  • 20:10 MEH: restart of mysql on db01 seems to have cleared the timeout problem -- nightly, cleanup, pstamp, stdlocal (though chip-warp off due to WSdiff), ippmd seem to be running fine
    • should be able to start other processing now
  • 20:45 MEH: of course.. ipp034 unresponsive.. neb-host up->down.. -- nothing on console, was under normal load -- take out of processing and leave up for the disk space but probably should go back to repair soon like others
    • rebooted w/ nfs problem, didn't mount homedir -- restart nfs cleared
  • 22:45 MEH: ipp084 issue, setting neb-host repair and out of any processing -- has been having since last night
    mce: [Hardware Error]: Machine check events logged
    • ipp086,088 also had these initial errors after boot
      [2014-12-06 14:42:32] MegaCli64[22184]: segfault at 0 ip 000000000051bdd0 sp 00007fff51a9d1e0 error 4 in MegaCli64[400000+28b000]
  • 23:20 MEH: ipp060, 058 didn't like ipp084 going to repair -- both don't have BBU and set to repair
    • ipp056 couple spikes, also no BBU
  • 23:50 MEH: adding in 2x m0,m1 and 1x x2 to stdsci to help with the WS diffim (~20/hr)