PS1 IPP Czar Logs for the week 2015.03.09 - 2015.03.15

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Monday : 2015.03.09

  • 14:30 EAM : I have purged binlogs to ~March 1:
    mysql> PURGE BINARY LOGS TO 'mysqld-bin.004840';
  • 23:00 MEH: clearing stalled fault 5 OSS WW diffim
       Data error code: 36b6
    Error in subtraction:
     -> VectorFitPolynomial1DOrd (psMinimizePolyFit.c:633): unknown psLib error
         Could not solve linear equations.
     difftool -dbname gpc1 -updatediffskyfile -set_quality 42 -skycell_id skycell.1626.023 -diff_id 700023  -fault 0

Tuesday : YYYY.MM.DD

Wednesday : YYYY.MM.DD

  • 12:11 CZW: Stopping and restarting ippsky/pv3skycal, as it currently has 561k jobs run, and is being slow to do more.
    • I've also reverted the 12k failed jobs, which will hopefully clear up the holes in the plot.

Thursday : YYYY.MM.DD

Friday : YYYY.MM.DD

Saturday : 2015.03.14

  • 05:50 EAM: fairly far behind in stdscience. looks like we should have restarted pantasks -- it is slow to hand out jobs. restarting now.

Sunday : YYYY.MM.DD