PS1 IPP Czar Logs for the week YYYY.MM.DD - YYYY.MM.DD

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Monday : YYYY.MM.DD

  • 16:30 HAF: mystery czar restarted pantasks for today. Thanks!

Tuesday : YYYY.MM.DD

Wednesday : 2016.06.01

  • ippx026 crashed ~0130 -- Haydn power cycled on-site. Reminder, power cycle via console will power cycle to 4 nodes associated with the PDU so use caution when doing that.
  • Haydn working on ippc nodes replacing disks -- setting off in processing until finished
    • ippc54.1 unmounted and presumed lost? Hadyn replacing disk and remaking raid
    • ippc60.1 another disk needed replacing, no new data there since last disk replaced so done and remaking raid
    • ippc43.0,c57.0 non-destructive disk replacement (rebuilding)
    • MEH: ippc54.1 unmounted and suspect missing since early 2016 by note in pantasks_hosts.input -- uncommenting for c2 group now that c54.1 disk is back
  • MEH: several ippc nodes missing .1/ipp/tmp dir that is linked from /local/ipp/tmp -- explains some nightly processing faults been having -- restoring those tmp dirs for processing on c32,c39,c40,c43,c54,c56,c60
  • MEH: ippc55,c62 seem to be commented out with NO note.. seem ok, so uncomment and watch in tonight's processing...

Thursday : YYYY.MM.DD

Friday : YYYY.MM.DD

Saturday : YYYY.MM.DD

Sunday : YYYY.MM.DD