PS1 IPP Czar Logs for the week 2016.09.12 - 2016.09.18

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Monday : 2016.09.12

Tuesday : 2016.09.13

  • 13:50 MEH: MOPS test chunk sample WS diffims running on ipps nodes while not being used currently
  • 16:24 CZW: I will be rebuilding the ipp user's Nebulous-Server installation to pick up changes to the way nebdiskd handles volumes. This new version will skip any volumes with volume.xattr = 5 set. This will allow us to exclude volumes that we no longer want to monitor.
  • 16:45 CZW: Pantasks restart.
  • 17:15 CZW: The nebulous plot in ippMonitor should update to be correct soon. Although czartool uses neb-df to populate the table, it has no way to delete host entries that are not listed in that neb-df. I've dropped the appropriate entries from czardb.hosts to clear out the volumes that no longer exist.

Wednesday : 2016.09.14

  • 16:52 CZW: Restarted czarpoll script which crashed at some point (~2016-09-13 23:03:10). This resolves the concern I've had since adding ipp106 into nebulous that it wasn't showing up on the plots correctly.

Thursday : 2016.09.15

Friday : 2016.09.16

  • Earlier than 17:53 CZW: I've started a pantasks on stare04 to process HSC data. It's using only the stare00-stare04 nodes, with four instances each, and will be reading data from ipp064 (writing to stare04). This should be fully self contained, with no impact on the cluster at large (not even nebulous), but I wanted to make a note of it. It's likely to be running for most/all of the weekend.

Saturday : 2016.09.17

Sunday : 2016.09.18