PS1 IPP Czar Logs for the week 2016.09.19 - 2016.09.25

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Monday : 2016.09.19

  • 16:20 CZW: Restart of pantasks.
  • 17:45 CZW: Debugging the new shuffle code requires the ITC nodes being available for replication targetting. These nodes have been set to available = 1, allocate = 1, but with xattr = 1, they are not going to be used as the target for a primary copy (this is the same as the ippb nodes).

Tuesday : 2016.09.20

  • 16:20 HAF daily restart of pantasks
  • 20:40 HAF summit fault 110, fixed update summitExp set fault=0 where fault=110 and exp_name="o7652g0029o";

Wednesday : 2016.09.21

Thursday : 2016.09.22

  • 13:30 CZW: I'm going to start more HSC processing on the stare nodes. This should have minimal impact on the rest of the cluster, with ipp064 running database operations and serving raw data, and the output products being saved to the stare0X.1 volumes. This will cover 1300 exposures, which will probably take more than a day to finish. The pantasks server will be running on stare04 in the directory /data/stare04.1/watersc1/hsc/stdsci.

Friday : 2016.09.23

  • 17:40 EAM : I am running a dvomerge of gaia data into the gpc1 database. cancelled : need to double check the merge code first
  • 17:41 EAM : restarting pantasks.

Saturday : 2016.09.24

Sunday : 2016.09.25

  • 18:50 EAM : restarted pantasks