STS test reprocessing 2013-05-08

As a test of the new auxiliary masks we have begun reprocessing of these exposures with the new ppImage recipe CHIP_AUXMASK.

Exposures from the PP3 pointing have been chosen for this test.

As of 2013-05-10 402 exposures have been processed and posted on the data store.

The script to queue the chipRuns is contained in stdscience/sts/sts.rp.20130508.chip. When run this script queues each day's exposures using a date specific workdir and data_group. It depends on a change to the behavior of chiptool that was integrated into the trunk that changes the behavior of the unique argument to chiptool -definebyquery. If run with the current tag no runs will be queued.

Example usage

sts.rp.20130508.chip --start 2011-08-16 --end 2011-08-30

This runs in pretend mode and lists the selected exposures. Adding the --go option actually queues the chip runs.

The script uses a list of dates that had STS PP3 exposures. It could be changed to just step through dates. It was written this way before I fixed chiptool.

MPG will provide feedback on the results of this experiment.

When ready to expand to other pointings the script can be changed to use a different cut on rawExp.comment