Three Pi Data Distribution (20090805)

We have processed 572 exposures from the Three Pi Survey through magic and are making them available for distribution.

The distribution by filter is as follows.

| filter  | count(chip_id) |
| g.00000 |            240 | 
| i.00000 |             74 | 
| r.00000 |            242 | 
| y.00000 |              6 | 
| z.00000 |             10 | 

Chip processed, warp, and diff images will be available.

The 'entire' distribution is being posted to data store product threepi-all-200908 on

raw     cleaned
chip    full
camera  full
fake    full
warp    full
diff    full 

Stacks have not been created because of the small number of available inputs..

The complete data set is 5.5 TB.

Each institution should let bills@… know what data they would like posted on its data store. We will continue to post the data to the data store products used for the July MD release. (except for md-all-200907 which is superseded by threepi-all-200908.

A list of the various Run ids can be found here Run ids for 200908 Release