IPP Hosts via Port Forwarding

The MHPCC cluster uses a set of private IP addresses. Access to these machines from Manoa is available directly via port forwarding. The storage nodes use the address ipp5u.ifa.hawaii.edu, while the compute nodes use ippc.ifa.hawaii.edu. Port numbers are generally chosen to match the machine numbers + 9000. For example, ipp005 can be reached with ssh -p 9005 ipp5u.ifa.hawaii.edu, while ippc13 can be reached with ssh -p 9013 ippc.ifa.hawaii.edu.

The first attachment below is an ssh config table that can be used to simplify the access via these ports. By appending this table to your existing .ssh/config file, you can simply use the native ipp host names: ssh ipp005 or ssh ippc13.

The second attachment is a mana script to generate the ssh config table.