Postage Stamp Server

The specification for the postage stamp server request and results files given in the document attached below. The document stampsICD3.pdf attached below describes the current version of the request file format. stamps.ICD.3.pdf describes version 1.

Most users should be able to use the interface provided by the PanStarrs? Science interface (PSI).

The postage stamp server began accepting the new format on 2013-05-03. Version 1 files will also accepted until 2015-04-21. At that point only version 2 files will be processed. The wiki page pstamp_version_2_features describes the new features available in version 2. The only required changes in version 2 are in the request header section. The page pstamp_2015-04-changes descries some implementation changes and access restrictions that are going into effect 2015-04-21.

Creating Request Files

A note describing one method for making postage stamp request files may be found here.

Submitting Request Files

The usual method for a user to submit requests is with the data store interface which is described here.

Many users have been using web page that may be used to upload request files to the postage stamp server for processing.

A user name and password is required to acess that site.

Detectability Queries

Note the detectability server has some interface and implementation issues. It is no being used and may have fallen into disrepair.

The detectability server is implemented as part of the postage stamp server. Detectability queries are submitted to the same machine, the file is just a slightly different file format: example. Everything the same, just a different file. A draft update to the IPP-MOPS ICD describing the implemented detectability server is here. The code annotation/documentation is available here.

Postage Stamp Processing

Postage stamp server implementation for the processing czar. shepherding_the_pstamp_server

Notes on various issues