I have been investigating the dtime_% fields in the diff and chip stages for gpc1 for the month of October (and also September, see ProcessingTimesSept2010). The tag changed on 2010-10-29, which included a number of changes to the diff stage.

Diff Stage

There are 4 dtime columns for diff: dtime_match, dtime_script, dtime_phot and dtime_diff. dtime_diff is never set (it is always NULL). dtime_match and dtime_phot often have nulls (about 7% of the time). I excluded from my plots diff_ids with NULL values in any of the dtime columns (except for dtime_diff). For the 'old tag', I selected dates between 2010-09-28 and 2010-10-25, and for the 'new tag', I selected dates between 2010-10-29 and 2010-11-03.

  • new tag = dotted lines
  • old tag = solid lines
  • Purple = dtime_script
  • Green = dtime_phot
  • Black = dtime_match

And here are the median times for each:

dtime old tag(s) new tag(s) (old tag - new tag)(s)
dtime_match 54.4 40.4 14.0
dtime_phot 70.0 59.0 11.0
dtime_script 151.0 125.0 26.0