I investigated chipProcessedImfile.dtime_script and chipProcessedImfile.dtime_total for the month of September, to look for patterns in how long it takes to process a chip.

  • dtime_script = how long the script took to complete
  • dtime_total = how long it took to do the chip processing (the processing is called from within the script, so total < script)
  • For the histograms with 2 lines, black = dtime_total, green = dtime_script
  • For the histograms with 1 line, black=dtime_script-dtime_total

I created histograms for the entire month of September, and then histograms for each day in September. The shapes of the plots look very similar on each day, and for the month of September. One interesting feature I saw (but couldn't figure out), is that the histograms for dtime_script - dtime_total have peaks at 30 and 60 seconds.

September 9th histograms

September 9th histograms (log scale)