For an example of how to make a reference stack see [wiki:md06.refstack.y ]

The tessellation that exposures are warped to is set by ippconfig/recipes/nightly_science-config

survey tess_id
M31 M31
MD01 MD01.V2
MD02 MD02.V2
MD03 MD03.V2
MD04 MD04.V2
MD05 MD05.V2
MD06 MD06
MD07 MD07
MD08 MD08.V2
MD09 MD09.V2
MD10 MD10.V3 (in progress)
MD11 MD11.V2
  • The label of the reference stacks used for nightly science are set by the stdscience input file
  • Currently, MD06 is missing y and STS is only in r.
  • We need MD06 and MD07 in V2, and probably M31 in the other bands (for V2)
  • We do not have a refstack for MD11?

from stackRun "early days" stacks (non-overlapping skycells .2 arcseconds per pixel)

label g r i z y tess date range
M31.refstack.20100324 x x x x x M31
MD01 ??
MD02.refstack.20100318 x x x x MD02
MD03.refstack.20100211 x x x x MD03
MD04.refstack.20100211 x x x x MD04
MD04.refstack.20100610 x x x x MD04.V1
MD05.refstack.20100211 x x x x MD05
MD06.refstack.20100211 x x x x MD06
MD07.refstack.20100330 x x x x x MD07
MD08.refstack.20100708 x x x x x MD08
MD09.refstack.20100708 x x x x x MD09
MD010.refstack.20100708 x x x x x MD010
STS.refstack.20100224 x x RINGS.V0
STS.refstack.20100315 x RINGS.V0
STS.refstack.20100329 x RINGS.V0
STS.refstack.20100603 x STS

tess.v2 stacks (overlapping skycells 0.2 arc seconds per pixel)

label g r i z y tess date range
M31.refstack.20101115 xx M31.V2
MD01.refstack.20100812 x x x x x MD01.V2
MD02.refstack.20101126 xx x x x MD02.V2
MD03.refstack.20101202 x x x x x MD03.V2
MD04.refstack.20101102 xx x x x MD04.V2
MD05.refstack.20110121 x x x x x MD05.V2
MD06 ??? MD06.V2
MD07 ??? MD07.V2
MD08.refstack.20100713 x x x x x MD08.V2
MD09.refstack.20100721 x x x x x MD09.V2
MD10.refstack.20100721 x x x x x MD10.V2
MD11 ??? MD11.V2
STS.refstack.20101105 x STS.V2
STS.refstack.20110207 x STS.V2

tess.v3 stacks (overlapping skycells 0.25 arc seconds per pixel)

label g r i z y tess date range notes
CNP.refstack.20110318 x x x x x CNP.V3
STS.refstack.20110422 x STS.V3 < 2011-04-01 3 projection centers
STS.refstack.20110613 x STS.V4 > 2011-04-01 7 projection centers