2007.02.08 : running simtest from scratch for ipp account

  • needed to setup ssh key : chmod 755 ~ipp was needed
  • needed to setup .ipprc and .ptolemyrc : no errors were generated
  • needed to start mysql : no error was generated
  • the CAMERA (defined by FPA.INSTRUMENT when supplied via inject_test.pl) must correspond to the ipp/config camera
  • need to add an entry for detRun in ippMonitor


Step-by-step example for running a set of simulated images through the IPP.

The (TBD) tarball contains http://kiawe.ifa.hawaii.edu/Elixir/Ohana/IPP-subsystems pantasks? scripts which will build a set of fake images, add them the to IPP database, and then run the different stages of the IPP on those images.

Here are notes for the steps needed to get this example running from scratch.

  • Install all IPP software (see INSTALL guide in the ipp tarball)
  • Install ippMonitor software on web host machine (see INSTALL notes: some hardwired entries must be set)
  • create the admin database and database user (dbadmin is in ipp/ippTools/ippMonitor, not installed) dbadmin init (dbserver) (dbuser) (dbpassword) dbadmin init alala ipp PASS
  • add client machine regexes to the database as needed: dbadmin client (dbserver) (dbuser) (dbpassword) dbadmin client 128.171.177.% alala ipp PASS
  • create the database for this project dbadmin db (dbname) (dbserver) (dbuser) dbadmin db simtest alala ipp
  • create a user account for ippMonitor dbadmin user (username) (password) (dbserver) (dbuser) dbadmin user eugene foobar alala ipp
  • copy ipp/config/ipprc.config to ~/.ipprc
  • edit .ipprc to add DATAPATH (where data is stored) and database entries: DBSERVER, DBUSER, DBPASSWORD, DBNAME (DBPORT is optional)
  • create the database tables pxadmin -create or pxadmin -recreate
  • start pantasks to create the simulated data (you may also use mana or dvo to run these commands). this should be done in the directory containing the tarball. pantasks will provide a user prompt. pantasks commands below are prefixed with the pantasks prompt (pantasks:) pantasks
  • create the simulated data and inject into the db: pantasks: input sim.pro pantasks: init
  • go to the ippMonitor web page root and login to your user account
  • select the project (under Select Project)
  • cd to the ipp/ippTasks directory to run pantasks on the database data
  • edit ipp/ippTasks/pantasks.pro to reflect your installation set $LOGDIR to point at your datapath edit init.controller to include your machines
  • start pantasks again pantasks

-- work in progress --

(run phase0 : currently we load the tasks as needed; this must be fixed) pantasks: input pantasks.pro pantasks: init.controller pantasks: load.tasks

  • create a bias run:

dettool -simple -definebyquery -det_type bias -exp_type bias (etc)