* create the project in the pipeline database:

dbadmin project ipp000 ipp eamtest

  • create the db tables

pxadmin -create -dbname eamtest

  • PATH entries, if used, must be defined in site.config (must be same as the one used by ippMonitor)

path://EAMTEST == /data/alala.0/eugene/swtests/simtest/raw path://EAMWORK == /data/alala.0/eugene/swtests/simtest/work

  • generate the fake data (skipping the inject). The output path (EAMTEST) must exist. the telescope is passed to inject, and is replaced in registration by the controlled name. the camera is important and must match the name in the .ipprc table of cameras. (which format is used?)

ipp_simulation_data.pl --no-update --name eamtest --dbname eamtest --camera SIMTEST --telescope eamtest --workdir path://EAMWORK/ --path path://EAMTEST/

inject the fake images into the pipeline database. the telescope and camera are for the user's reference only, and will be replaced during the registration step with the controlled camera name.

ipp_serial_inject.pl --telescope sim --camera simcam --workdir path://EAMWORK/ --dbname eamtest raw/*.fits

Start up pantasks and register the data:

module pantasks.pro module register.pro controller host add alala add.database eamtest run

Running the detrend analysis using the mkdetrend.config dependency table:

stop module.tasks register.off; chip.off; camera.off; warp.off; diff.off; stack.off module mkdetrend.pro load.detRunDefs simtest.det run

After a while, you should have bias, dark, shutter, flats completed

Running the detrend steps by hand

request a bias:

dettool -pretend -simple -definebyquery -dbname eamtest -workdir path://EAMWORK -inst SIMTEST -det_type BIAS -select_exp_type BIAS

request a dark:

dettool -pretend -simple -definebyquery -dbname eamtest -workdir path://EAMWORK -inst SIMTEST -det_type DARK -select_exp_type DARK

request a shutter:

dettool -pretend -simple -definebyquery -dbname eamtest -workdir path://EAMWORK -inst SIMTEST -det_type SHUTTER -filter r -select_exp_type FLAT -select_filter r

request a flat:

dettool -pretend -simple -definebyquery -dbname eamtest -workdir path://EAMWORK -inst SIMTEST -det_type FLAT -filter r -select_exp_type FLAT -select_filter r

dettool -pretend -simple -definebyquery -dbname eamtest -workdir path://EAMWORK -inst SIMTEST -det_type FLAT -filter i -select_exp_type FLAT -select_filter i