As of June 18, 2008 23:30 UTC we are all caught up.

Latest exposure o4635g0227o Registered in IPP as exp_id 18595

Counts and exceptions

13864 summitExp 26 faulted? on fileset list lookup with HTTP error code 410 (Gone)

13838 pzDownloadExp 68 incomplete?] due to [[SummitCopyAndRegistration/piamgefaults|147 images] that failed to download with HTTP error code 410 (Gone).

13770 newExp 53 failed to register?] due to [[SummitCopyAndRegistration/allrimagefaults|408 faults] in registration. All of the faulted images are from September 2007 or earlier. All but one of the faults were DARK exposures taken with the camera software on September 14.

13717 rawExp


We occasionally get exposures entered twice in newExp. This leads to duplicates in rawExp/rawImfile. There is only one copy of the images. When we notice these the extra rows are deleted. (Need to update one of the tools to do this)

During download we often get faults in pzDownloadImfile. Clearing these faults with <pre> DELETE FROM pzDownloadImfile WHERE fault > 0 AND fault != 110;</pre> causes the jobs to get re-run successfully. We should update one of the tools to handle this and perhaps create a task that runs it.