Weekend Disk Changes @ MHPCC

If we have a disk failure over the weekend, we can have it changed by the weekend operators.

Emailing is also possible:

To: mhpcc-help@mhpcc.hpc.mil
CC: operators@mhpcc.hpc.mil, Brad.Thomas.ctr@mhpcc.hpc.mil, eddie.domingo.ctr@mhpcc.hpc.mil
Subject: please replace ipp0xx disk #x
node #, disk #, and capacity of disk 

** Note: Brad has trained most operators and they appear to be replacing disks w/out phoning them. 12/16/2010
Before calling, determine the following information:

MHPCC operators
node #, disk #, and capacity of disk 

(Eg. node ipp009, disk 11, 500GB)