Data for stars is listed in order of distance from the requested location.

basic output:

star: (db-sequence)
(ra) (dec) (distance) (Nmeasure) (positional-chisq) (average.flags)
(objID) (catID) : see notes below
g r i z y (these average filters depend on the db schema)
(g:ave) (r:ave) (i:ave) (z:ave) (y:ave)
(g:err) (r:err), etc
(g:chisq) (r:chisq), etc
... repeat for other stars

-meas / -m add the following for each measurement of the star:

(mag:cat) (mag:rel) (mag:err) (time) (RA.offset) (DEC.offset)
(photflags) (dbflags) (photcode.number) ( (FWHM_x)

 db-sequence is not really useful (internal seq number that is not
guaranteed to stay fixed)
 ra & dec in decimal deg
 distance from reference coordinate in arcsec
 objID : unique object ID within this catalog (spatial subdivision of
the dvo db tables; 32bit)
 catID : unique catalog ID
 g:ave : average magnitude for object (careful -- this may or may not
be up-to-date wrt to all measurements in db; clipping and relative
photometry may or may not have been applied)
 g:err : formal error on g:ave
 g:chisq : chi-square of g:ave calculation (assuming constant magnitude)
 mag:cat : magnitude applying only nominal system zero point, without
applying relative photometry offsets, if known
 mag:rel : magnitude after relative photometry is applied.
 mag:err : error on individual measurement
 time of measurement
 RA.offset, DEC.offset from average position in arcsec
 photflags, dbflags : bit-flags from the photometry analysis or from
database-level crawlers
 photcode.number,name : what is the source of this magnitude?
 FWHM_x,y in pixels