PS1 IPP and PSPS clusters at MHPCC IPP cluster partial front view IPP cluster partial back view

IPP compute nodes front view IPP compute nodes back view

ippdb00 - ippdb02 servers front view ippdb00 - ippdb01 server back view

STARE servers backview STScI06-STScI09 servers front view

STScI09 closeup front view STScI09 closeup back view

STScI - cab10-cab12 backview STScI06-STScI09 servers front view - highlighted JBOD power buttons

STScI - JBOD power button closeup

More pictures of the cluster are here

Network ports

  • 12/37-38 c0n2e0/1 ipp021
  • 12/39-40 c0n3e0/1 ipp022
  • 12/43 cab8con
  • 12/44 cab7con
  • 12/45 cab6con
  • 12/46 cab5con
  • 12/47 ippcon (aka cab0con)
  • 12/48 cab10con