Data Store Interface to the Postage Stamp Server

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The postage stamp server is configured to query a number of web sites for new request files. These web sites implement the 'Data Store' interface which is descibed in detail in specification.

A data store is divided into 3 levels. The root has a set of products. A product contains filesets. Each fileset is a set of related files. In the postage stamp server context the filesets are sets of postage stamp request files and the results of the request processing.

The header of each postage stamp request file has a keyword REQ_NAME which gives the name of the request. This value must be globally unique. The postage stamp server puts the results of postage stamp processing the request file into a fileset with that name.

The password protected page on the PS1SC wiki has links to some Data Store examples.

The IPP's Data Store implementation is based on the apache web server, some simple cgi scripts, and mysql tables. Alternate implementations may be easily created.

The most significant feature is the 'last fileset' query string.