IPP Manuals

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Top-Level Manuals

Document Description
IPP User's Guide Top-level manual for installing and running the IPP
IPP Configuration Guide Detailed description of the IPP configuration system

Astronomy Analysis Programs

Document Description
psphot An object detection and modelling program.
psastro an astrometric calibration program
ppImage a complete single-image reduction package
ppMerge a tool to combine many similar images
ppStack a tool to combine multiple science image with outlier rejection
ppSub a tool to perform PSF matching and image differencing

Infrastructure Tools

Document Description
Nebulous manual A tool for managing distributed data files.
IPP Database Tools A guide to ippTools, the interface to the IPP Metadata Database.
DVO manual A database for correlating detections of astronomical objects.
Pantasks manual Tools for managing distributed computing and automated processing.


Document Description
psLib SDRS (PSDC-430-007) Detailed API specification for psLib; almost a user's guide.
psModules SDRS (PSDC-430-012) Detailed API specification for psModules; almost a user's guide.
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