This is mainly for users wishing to query the postage stamp server with the latest greatest 3pi and SAS. It was updated on Jan 18, 2013 - it may be out of date and may be best to ask IPP people for newer latest greatest stuff.


The great grand reprocessing of 3pi is called 'LAP' for Large Area Processing, and includes stacks. The coverage map is something like this (just for LAP.ThreePi.20120706):

Note that it is best to check the main page of ps1sc to see the current coverage. We are nearly finished reprocessing the sky now (12-07)

The latest and greatest LAP/3pi processings have:

  • label: LAP.T!hreePi.20120706
  • data_group: LAP.ThreePi.20120706%final%


'SAS', Small Area Survey, is a simulation of what 3 years of 3pi would look like in one area of sky (the area is roughly from ra: 328 to 340 dec: -6 to 6 )

We have reprocessed it a number of times for testing and to improve the processing. The current latest greatest SAS is this:

  • label: SAS_v8
  • data_group : czw.SAS2.20120718