If you have access to the ifaps1 machine at the ifa, you can 'steal' the ipp user's config files in order to use the IPP without compiling or worrying about keeping the IPP software up to date. The IPP build for the ipp user is updated and maintained by Heather Flewelling.

setting up IPP on your account

First you need to ssh to the ifaps1:

ssh username@ifaps1

Then copy .ptolemyrc and .ipprc from the user ipp:

cp ~ipp/.ptolemyrc ~/
cp ~ipp/.ipprc to your ~/

and then edit ~/.tcshrc and add the following:

if (-e /home/ifaps1/ipp/psconfig//psconfig.csh) then
      alias  psconfig        "source /home/ifaps1/ipp/psconfig//psconfig.csh"
       psconfig default

That should be all that is necessary to run the IPP on ifaps1 (under your account). Note that you will have to either re-login or type 'tcsh' for the changes in .tcshrc to take effect.

how to select the build

For most people, the default build (the current operations tag, currently operated by the ipp) should be fine. If instead you wish to use a more recent version, you can select it using:

psconfig svn-trunk

This version may have more(or less) bugs and may behave differently than expected.

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