• This is the top level page that describes my Pan-STARRS adventure.
  • The ultimate goal is to provide a set of tools for accurate photometry of large galaxies.
  • Using ISP (Imaging Sky Probe) data for better evaluation of the sky background.

[created in January 2016 - Ehsan Kourkchi]

Challenges: pgc55 pgc76 pgc112 pgc118 pgc165 pgc218

Useful tools to work with SDSS data:

Sample Galaxies

These galaxies are all taken from Brent-9060 HI catalog, when cross-matching with other catalogs.

A few galaxies to work with.

  • Hall 2012 (SDSS Catalog): hall_sdss
    SDSS Imaging Data: M. Hall et al. 2012, MNRAS,425,2741

Data Exploration

We have a catalog of 9060 galaxies with available HI data, but 8179 lie above dec -30:


  • Measuring their g,r,i magnitudes
  • Measuring their inclinations


  • Good HI profiles
  • Types Sa and later
  • Inclinations greater than 45 degrees from face on, i.e. b/a > 1/sqrt(2)

This is the distribution of the magnitude of the galaxies. For those galaxies for which we have no magnitude data, the adopted value for the magnitude is zero. That' why we see a peak at zero.

  • (Bt) B mag from RC3
  • (It) I mag from RC3

Size distribution:

  • diameter at B 25 mag/as2 from RC3

The distribution of axial ratios:

  • (b/a) axial ratio from RC3
  • (b/a2) axial ratio from Spitzer
  • (Wj/Wn? ) axial ratio WISE

Distribution of Numeric type from RC3

How to install the pipeline (IPP)

  1. Getting access to PS server
    ssh -X username@ippc??
  2. Download the pipeline into your home directory
    svn co
  3. To properly install the code, follow the instruction in README in the root directory of the pipeline.
    cd $TRUNK/psconfig

and follow INSTALL instruction. TRUNK is the path-address of the pipeline. At this stage, all necessary executable (binary) files would be compiled.

  • Note: Use "psbuild -dev -extbuild" in order to compile everything.
  • This step is fragile, as people may constantly change the codes. If the compilation process fails at some point, report the failure.
  • If you have access to a working version, do not remove it until you make sure that the newer version works as good.
    psbuild -dev -extbuild
  1. Modify .tcshrc in your home directory. This is where all necessary environmental variables are initialize for the shell you are using. Also see here:

Usually, looking at ~ipp/.tcshrc will give you an idea how to set-up your own ~/.tcshrc

  1. Source .tcshrc or open another tcsh sehll by running tcsh
    source ~/.tcshrc
  1. After all, you may find you cannot still run your desired IPP commands, therefore you may need to either modify your .tcshrc or compile some extra packages. Normally all packages should be installed all at once, unless some last minute changes have been introduced to some components.
  1. Consult to an IPP expert if you are stuck.
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